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It's 1996. The future is awesome.

Embark on a neon-colored VCR adventure at hypersonic speeds! Nobody uses those pesky wheels anymore - it's all about hovercraft racing, dude! Chain boosts together to reach new heights, and aim for the top!

This new remastered version of DDRZ brings a consistent art style, major difficulty and balancing tweaks, and cuts out all the boring bits for a game that's faster than ever before! There's no need to ever go back!

Graphics that'll blow you away!

Neon-drenched digital vistas with the best VCR filter in town not only sets the mood, but directly indicates your progress! The effects get cooler the higher your speed, so when things go back to normal, you know you've messed up.

Enjoy the visceral feeling of getting your speed pumped directly into your eyeballs at over 1000 km/h!

Now with extra noise and chromatic abherration for that sweet sweet '90s vibe!

Blast Off Into Cyberspace

High octane racing action - no items to distract you and rob you of your victory, just your boost meters and your wits!

Racing action for 1-4 players! (local multiplayer only)

15 totally tubular vehicles to choose from!

Do you have the 'tude to get gold in all 5 radical cups, amigo?

Jammin' Potatoes!

My entry for the Yoyogames / Opera "Amaze Me Jam", cobbled together from all the cool effects I've ever made in one sweet package. Made in like half a month, give or take. Believe it or not, it's made in Game Maker: Studio 2.3.

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TagsLow-poly, psychedelic, vaporwave


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Hehe Spaceship go BRRRRRRRRRR


Daemon Detective Racing Zero by Yal (itch.io)
half a month... sure

The rules don't require you to have to make the game during the time period, unfortunate for those who decide to do it that way. But the rules said it's fine.

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My comment is in response to devs, assertion that they made this in the jam time frame.. which is jsut a lie. that being said the game is fun, and it looks good, just super dumb and lame to lie about the time frame it was made in.

Please, please, please, please, make a mac build! It looks so fun and polished


I had a blast with this game! Really cool game!

It is featured in my Top 5 of the Week! Take a look!


Great :) F-zero and Wipeout goes hand in hand :)


Oh frick! This is some difficult competition for this jam. I'll really have to push myself to beat this.


Amazing game. Remember F-zero! 


Good game which reminds me WipeOut on PS1. You did an amazing work. The aesthetic is gorgeous and music pleasant. Addictive. Well done ++