1.0.5 mega-bugfix update is finally complete!

It's been a bunch of really intense weeks, but the super bugfix update finally is complete! Every bug I'm aware of has been fixed, there's been a visual overhaul of the entire interface, some small character graphics changes, balance changes to several bosses, and every level has been hand-polished to remove visual issues.

Full list of changes:

  • Overhaul the GUI style, replacing the boring flat rectangles with flashy cyberpunk LCD monitors wherever possible.
  • Added support for DirectInput controllers (should work for playstation controllers now, but I can´t verify this since I don´t own one).
  • Bosses now only override your powerup if you have no powerup / a powerup without attack capabilities. You can bring any powerup you want into a boss fight now!
  • Change a lot of depth-sorting code to solve misc  visual bugs. Almost every level has received some manual tweaks to accomodate these changes.
  • Fix crash when unequipping a shield from your reserve item.
  • Tweaked some sound effects (levers, Ghost Bow, gold dragon fire, door, fireworks girls).
  • The World can now destroy Patient Zero´s vomit and Snow Queen´s icicles.
  • Doors now are trigged with a button press, not the moment you touch them.
  • "Underground Red-Light District" level background now is animated properly.
  • Bosses now are immune to getting instantly killed by Gold Fire.
  • Add some new donut platforms so "External In-Flew-Ences" can´t be rendered unbeatable by destroying all the rockets in the final part.
  • Fix camera jumpcutting instead of scrolling in Dan Maku / Mr.44 boss fight intro.
  • Fix paths not drawing properly for the saw traps in "Teeth".
  • Fix screen fades being hardcoded to 1920x1080 resolution (should work properly on 4K monitors now).
  • Added big hikkori (and Hikkowboys) and promoted Wispies to the list of objects that emit light in dark levels.
  • Gold fire now uses particle effects instead of sprites (like fire and ice projectiles)
  • Frozen enemies flash at 30fps instead of 60fps when about to thaw
  • Jason´s shop now shows your total coins in the HUD, not current coins (which would always be zero)
  • "Torrential Tower": moved some platforms around to prevent an issue where you could clip into a wall and get stuck due to a moving platform.
  • "Torrential Tower": Changed a conveyor belt into donut blocks to make the fish at the end less annoying to deal with.
  • Changed an Oni that could get stuck in midair due to being pushed by a platform into a Ninja Po.
  • Fix issue with Artificial Waterfall dam background´s waterfalls not being aligned to the dam properly.
  • Tweak "Frozen Factory Frenzy" so you can´t talk to the Penguin Cop while climbing as a cat (regaining control mid-dialogue, which can crash the game if you go too far away)
  • Add new NPC in "Lush Moss Ruin" that explains how the inventory system works
  • Move last note in "Nice Place" to after the tombstones to not spoil the reveal
  • Change bomb countdown sound to a more pleasant sample.
  • Add bomb countdown sound to directional-exploding platforms.
  • Rebalance "Off The Rails": the last powerup can´t fall off the train anymore, Trainoutaur´s platform was moved down to make it easier to jump on him, and there´s some spikes on his train to make it look more menacing.
  • VS battle: fix issue with menu elements getting displaced based on screen size
  • Patient Zero now spawns an infinite stream of normal zombies to make the ground less safe and the fight less trivial, and has more HP overall.
  • Released reserve items now clamp to the edges of the room so you can´t accidentally throw them out of the level in vertical levels
  • Remove one of Sand Queen´s attacks because of being glitchy and unfair.
  • Fix bug with charge shots sounds never ending when going through a True Gallery painting.


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cool changes! would you recommend updating to the newer version or continue my playthrough as is? does updating just involve copying the new files over to my game directory?


I'd definitely recommend updating, a lot of the changes were based on your feedback and surely you'd like to see it implemented? :)

Since you're playing on the GMS2 version (if my analysis of the footage is correct) there should be no need to move files around, just downloading the 1.0.5 version is all you'll need to do. The save file folder is the same and there's no difference in formats or anything. (You don't even need to put the game in the same location as the 1.0.4 executable)

in order to update, you must delete the old files