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A 3D platform game engine (Game Maker Studio 1.4 source file) that can be used to quickly get a game project up and running. Available in a grid-only version that is highly optimized, and a grid+slope version that has more expensive physics but allows more varied level design!

  • Very fast grid-based collision checking with support for terrain objects when necessary (moving platforms, breakable blocks, etc).
  • Automatically creates a 3D model based of the room objects, further speeding up processing.
  • Uses texture atlases with multiple textures in a single image, letting you completely change a level's feel with a single line of code!
  • Very simple to design levels: simply place placeholder objects in Game Maker's room editor and they get converted to 3D with no additional effort!
  • Example code for fog, HUD display and 3D lighting!
  • Slope version: Use arbitrary collision checking scripts for terrain objects! You can use any script that computes a z value given the x and y position relative to the object's origin, letting you do arbitrarily complex terrain objects such as pyramids and half-spheres.
  • Slope version: Walk up and down slopes smoothly, including jumping from them and landing on them!
  • Slope version: Example slope objects automatically attach to the grid terrain at their start and end points. Make slopes effortlessly!

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Published1 year ago
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Game engine


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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