Now with GMS 2.3 source files!

The Game Maker megaupdate is upon us, and turns out there were some breaking changes, so I needed to adapt the sources for this. If you've got an existing project that broke in the update, this is what I needed to change to get it running again.

  • ggui_menu_add_option_multichoice has a slight change with default values for missing arguments at the end to avoid an array out of bounds error. (This happens in a handful of menus that will use multichoices to display secondary text without actually being multichoice menus, like the name entry in character creation). For some reason, this error was here all this time but was silently ignored by Game Maker until now.
  • mev_levelup_create_stat_list would have no effect since the arrays generated by the GGUI functions are nested in a weird way, so it would extend the outer array (which was unused) instead of changing the inner array with the data we wanted to modify. Added a zero-indexing for those accesses so we actually fiddle with the correct array. This might be a Game Maker bug which breaks again in 2.3.1, so keep your fingers crossed.

Good luck with the new update!


Source Code (GMS 2.3) 36 MB
71 days ago

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