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A project aiming to be an exhaustive soulslike / metroidvania engine, with a lot of features made in pure GML. High modularity lets you pick apart features you like and use them in your existing projects, or you could instantly start making a game using the features that are already in the project.

Built-in level and world map editors makes features like doors and collectible items function automatically - you just need to place them and the engine handles the rest. Everything is scripted in GML and full of explanatory comments - if you're missing a feature, it's simple to add it in!

Developed between february 2018 and december 2019, the engine has one year's worth of features! Get a head start on your next project with this massive package!

  • Works with both GMS1 and GMS2! (Originally made in GMS1.4, ported over to GMS2 using the auto-compatibility features)
  • Absolutely no reliance on external formats! Everything is handled via basic GM features like arrays and script_execute(), ensuring maximal portability across different exports.
  • Built-in level, world-map and animation editors! Simple, extensible formats that give you access to all the information from within GM itself.
  • Automated flag handling: place down items in a room, and the game will automatically keep track of which ones you've collected so far!
  • Built-in skeletal animation system! Pure GML, so it can be used without a Spine license, and you can use any normal GM sprite as part of a skeleton!
  • Automated map that is filled in as you explore, marking doors and save points! Even keeps track of what parts of a large room you've visited! No extra effort needed - everything is handled automatically using data from the world map editor.
  • Smart item system that keeps track of what treasure the player has collected! You just need to place them in the levels, and the game keeps track of them for you.
  • Simple and extensible GUI system that lets you easily script menus by creating frames and filling them with elements of different kinds! Percent-based positions lets you scale up window sizes and have elements follow the frames around!
  • Parameterized enemy AI system that lets you easily make different kinds of enemies by just changing a few values around!
  • Tons of RPG elements! Level up your stats at a bonfire shrine to affect HP, MP, stamina, equip load or attack stats, spend your gold in shops to buy new items, and use materials to upgrade your items for more power!
  • Equipment system with weapons, armor, rings, consumables and magic spells that can be combined any way you want. Dual-wield huge swords or take enemies down from afar with a combination of guns and magic, or use shields to bounce back enemy projectiles instead of attacking yourself.
  • Multiple weapon types: swords, axes, guns, magic catalysts, shields... and it's easy to create new types, as well! All you need is a stat block and some animation parameters. Combine with a new state script instead of one of the existing ones and you can do ANYTHING!
  • Simple consumables system: combine an animation, a duration, and an effect script to make a new consumable item!
  • Advanced tile-based collision checking system that handles slopes.
  • Character customization! Pick your class, body type, hair color and more!
  • Tons of example content that can be used commercially: graphics, levels, sound effects, voice acting...
    • 503 scripts: skeleton animation, GUI system, cutscene system, liquid and darkness effects, particle effects, easy-to-extend item database, inventory system...
    • 144 objects
    • 246 sprites + 38 backgrounds
    • 43 example levels
    • 98 audio assets (voice acting, spell casting, sword swooshes, ambient soundscapes)
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Made withGameMaker
TagsAction-Adventure, Action RPG, Dark Fantasy, Game engine, GameMaker, Metroidvania
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


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