A downloadable game for Windows

A non-official fangame featuring Vinesauce Joel's mascot, VargFren!

Dracula's back from the dead again, and only Fren can stop him! Is he the right hero for the job? Maybe not, but at least he's enjoying it!

  • Whip, fly and inhale your way through 6 exciting, hard-as-nails worlds!
  • Every enemy is a powerup - spit enemies back out at each other for devastating combo attacks, or steal their powers to turn the tables!
  • Precision platforming isn't an issue when you can fly! ...but anti-air enemies might be a problem.
  • Memes and injokes have been kept to a minimum! The game can be enjoyed even if you have no idea who any of these characters are!
  • Super difficult, NES-era platforming that really tests your skills! Unlike a lot of contemporary games, you've got infinite continues, and there's also an easy mode if you just can't handle the pressure.

This thing is like 10 years old at this point so there might be bugs! UwU

How to Play

  • Z: Jump
  • X: Whip attack / spit out inhaled enemy
  • C: Use special skill (inhales enemies if you don't have a special skill)
    • Special skills use energy, keep an eye on the energy meter!
  • Arrow keys: move
    • Down arrow: swallow an inhaled enemy, absorbs its special skill
    • Up arrow: fly


  • 100 Fren Points (the F symbols) give you an extra life. You also get one every 50,000 score points.
  • Collecting Fren Points and whipping enemies refill energy used for special skills.
  • You can inhale food and other powerups, not just enemies!
  • Spitting out an inhaled enemy does a lot of damage!
  • The whip is slow, but it can hit behind, above and below you!
  • The easy mode exists for a reason :)

Install instructions

1) Unzip the compressed folder.

2) Run the "frenvania_v1.1.0.exe" executable.


Frenvania (v 1.2.0) 33 MB
How to play.txt 1 kB
EULA 22 kB

Development log


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fun retro

Any plans for controller support? 

Not really... the codebase is really old and uses hardcoded keyboard events in every game object, it'd be a gargantuan and error-prone task to replace them with something more flexible. Please use a third-party gamepad-to-keyboard-event application like Antimicro or Joy2Key instead.

sorry to bother you but for some reason the second level won't load right because all I get is a black screen I can still control fren but I can't see anything.

Did you change any of the TV effect / night effect / screen size options? What's your machine specs? The TV effect messes a bit with the draw pipeline and uses a lot of memory, and if you're low on VRAM it's possible for it to just never be able to draw to the screen at all. Try playing with the TV effect turned off if you think this could be the issue.

I didn't have the tv effect on at the time


Almost like your previous game so many years ago, but actualy i like the redesign and that retro arcade ish look aswell :) 


More or less exactly the same, but legally distinct! :3


Regardless i actualy like the form :) Also that tv ish look on screen makes it more dope :)




Dropped Kirby and gone for an original design.... Love it