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A GameMaker:Studio project file (1.x and 2.x versions included) that lets you easily create an intertia-based and speed-focused platform game. All the assets in the demo are custom-made, included in the project file, and can be used in commercial games!

  • 3 example characters! Go fast with Leah the Lion, smash stuff up with Boney the Golden Retriever, or experience wall-climbing, shuriken-spamming ninja action with Scarlet the Sloth!
  • 2 example zones with a total of 6 levels! Rush through Riverside Ruin Zone before taking on the glitzy challenges of Cursed Casino Zone!
  • Adaptive platformer physics! Anything you can draw is a valid platform, go wild with slopes and corkscrews to your heart's content!
  • Turn on and off platforms to allow for complex loop structures!
  • Springboards and jumpthrough platforms takes your level design to the next level!
  • Automatic tiling - saves a lot of work when designing levels! One line of code and all the pretty tiles are automatically added to the editor's dull blocks!
  • A large number of example enemies!
  • Several different powerups like magnet shields and invincibility!
  • Checkpoint system that lets the player save their progress when they retry a level! Handled automatically - just plop down a checkpoint and you're done!
  • Includes custom-made, previously unreleased tilesets, backgrounds,
    sprites, sound effects and music that can be used in commercial games!
  • Credit appreciated but not mandatory.
  • Can be used in commercial games, but do NOT resell the source code itself, even if modified.
  • GMS2 source code is in fact a direct port of the GMS1 source code,
    converted using the GMS2 legacy import tools. While it has been checked for problems, there might be stuff I missed. Please report any problems you find with it.

The demo doesn't use any harmful DRM, but due to being compressed, it might still be flagged as a false positive by some antivirus programs.


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this engine you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Source Code (GMS1) 10 MB
Source Code (GMS2) 14 MB

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Demo (.EXE) 7 MB
License Agreement 22 kB

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Why does the player jitter so much when on slopes can you fix that this is almost what i need but that jitter looks like complete garbage and makes this useless.


Even on 45 degree slopes the player still jitters as if the angle of the player was jittering between angles of 45 degrees,46,47, back to 46,45,44,43 like it constantly switches between all of those angles on the same 45 degree angle when it should stay at 45 degrees if its on a 45 DEGREE ANGLE!! You should fix this. otherwise its garbage.


First of all, those are 30-degree slopes. The 45-degree slopes are so steep you slide down them if you try to stand on them.

The issue you see isn't angle jittering, it's caused by the demo having "interpolate colors between pixels" turned off, so all graphics are snapped to pixel-perfect coordinates. It usually makes pixelart look better, but having slopes and rotations gets all the sprites into non-integer-coordinate territory and then things get a bit iffier.

Your two main options to fix this would be either having interpolation turned on (which works the best if your graphics don't have a lot of crisp pixels), or have a special "draw angle" for the player that is snapped to, say, the closest multiple of 15 degrees:

drawangle = (15*((image_angle+7.5) div 15)) mod 360

Then just draw the sprite with that angle.

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Well I bought it, and used the draw_angle solution. The player still jitters around everywhere and the player starts sinking into the slopes. There's soo many bugs. It feels like the player doesn't know what the angle of the ground is. The way the player is staying out of the terrian doesn't feel right at all very buggy. I turned on interpolation between pixels and it helped a little but that isn't a solution for a pixel art game. Even with that the issues with aligning with the ground still occur. The player just jitters all over the place. How can I fix it?

Have you changed the player sprite from the default? Since the sprite is used for some of the collision checking, having a different sprite (at least if it's a radically different size) could lead to changes in how the collision checking acts.

How big is the jitter / sinking? Single pixels or up towards entire tiles?

Instead of setting drawangle directly, you could try lerping towards it with angle_difference (so there's a smoother transition).

(tbh there's a lot of people that would argue that rotating sprites ruins the pixel art illusion too)


Love your work. And this asset continues that tradition of quality assets. There is so much good stuff here to chew on, and the included example characters are fantastic and fun. Also, the code is well commented and everything is super organized, which makes it a joy to explore.  Highly recommended.  Another great Yal production!