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A psychological horror experience. Explore dark chambers, hallways, shrines and corridors, try to get out of your confinement, and find notes scattered by the last person who visited along the way.

But you're not alone!

Monsters are actively looking for you, hiding in the shadows where they are completely invisible, and only moving when you don't look at them. Scurry between sources of light and always look behind you, and you might just make it to the end alive. If there even is an end...?

  • Move carefully to avoid monsters that might show up right behind you at any time! Dynamic and unpredictable, but fair AI.
  • Build up the tension to amazing ambient music by Eric Matyas! Features a previously unreleased custom arrangement.
  • No flashlight or lanterns there to protect you - study your surroundings and move carefully!
  • No cheap jump scares! The game is based around psychological horror instead of mere startling the player.
  • Uncover an open-to-interpretation backstory about a descent into madness!
  • Stochastic decision making means you'll never be able to tell where the monsters will show up next! Every playthrough is different!
  • Dynamic lighting, fire, distortion and fog effects!
  • A vast underground labyrinth to explore, with hundreds of rooms to lose yourself in!
Published Apr 12, 2016
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, First-Person, Horror, Monsters, Mystery, Sci-fi, Survival Horror


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Pretty cool, liked the audio.

are you going to make an FPS horror Engine?

I already made a FPS engine that can do both horror and action, use that. https://yaru.itch.io/yarufps