1.2.0 update: it's slightly more endurable now!

Just put the finishing touches on the 1.2.0 update, which does a bunch of gameplay tweaks:

  • AI rubberbanding logic has been greatly revamped: AI cars will have much smaller stat changes from rubberbanding, and in multiplayer, will rubberband to random players instead of whoever has the best position, making it easier for a player that's far behind to catch up even if another player is in the lead.
  • Item probabilities revamped: instead of being purely evenly distributed, more powerful items now are more rare (especially homing Hikkori)  and speed boosters are much more common than offensive items.
  • When moving at a higher speed than your normal max speed, the camera now zooms out and moves upwards to give you a better view of your surroundings.
  • When starting a race, the track name now displays for a few seconds.
  • When playing a Grand Prix, the race number is shown along with the track name (to prevent players from becoming fatigued and losing track of how far they've gone)

This update has been planned for a long time and definitely wasn't hastily thrown together in just one day after I got some friends over to test play the game.


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Sep 07, 2019

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Also, known bug: when working on this update, I happened upon a bug where a player-selected character in Grand Prix mode wasn't removed from the valid list of characters the CPU could use, making that player earn points twice in each race. If you can figure out steps for how to reproduce it reliably, please let me know.