V1.1b super rebalance update is live!

I went back and replayed Bushido Panda some time ago when rearranging my old projects, and I was like "seriously, this game is SO SLOW! It's unplayable!". Then I played some Zelda 1 for comparison, and realized that yeah, Bushido Panda indeed is way too slow to even feel fun. So... I decided to do something about it, which resulted in this outta-nowhere update.

  • Player movement speed has been greatly increased (doubled, to be precise). Several enemies and hazards has been rebalanced to maintain the same challenge level with the new faster movement (e.g. the patrolling fireballs are faster so they're not as easy to outrun, projectile speed and rotation adjusted overall, teleport speed of the underwater turrets and mummies increased, etc). The game should overall play a lot faster and smoother now as a result.
  • The title screen how has a "how to play" section so you can view the controls in-game. Perfect if you didn't memorize the entire game page and don't want to try out everything on your keyboard.
  • Redrew player's sprite to contrast more against the background (uses dark blue instead of black for the panda spots now)
  • Redrew the sprites of Oni-Giri and Yokai Umbrella so they don't look as flat.
  • There's a new transition when you enter doors where you're shown walking down the stairs. Kinda felt like my shameless cloning of Z1 wasn't really complete without that.


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Apr 19, 2019

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I remember playing this ages ago, will give it another try now you've updated it! :-)

Hopefully you'll have a better experience this time! The original was so molasses-slow it was more or less unplayable... x3


Yes but that only made it even more retro! :D

I've always been a firm believer that authenticity is secondary to enjoyment... ah well, hopefully the game can have a little bit of both now :P