YaruDanmakuEngine is released!

Not all projects are planned in advance, and YaruDanmakuEngine is one of them. What first started as a birthday gift to a friend evolved over almost a month into my most customizable engine yet, finally putting together state machine behavior, queue-based scripting systems, and some visual effect skills I picked up into a single, coherent package. I'm still not sure why I spent so much work on this, but there's definitely a niche to be filled next to the petaphlora of platforming engines out there, so hopefully this is helpful to somebody.

To summarize the features:

  • Simple behavioral scripting that makes enemies and bosses very easy to code.
  • Support for multiple playable characters.
  • Lots of pretty effects using additive blending.
  • Comes with 2 stages, 2 bosses and 2 playable characters that can be used as examples (or included in a final game to give you less work)

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