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This tool generates a procedural game idea and displays it, helping you get new creative ideas for your projects. Made for personal use, but I figure it could be useful for more people than just me. Enjoy, and feel free to share your best ideas in the comments below!

TagsGenerator, idea, prototype


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I haven't seen Yal since the Yoyo Games Sandbox days.


I've been around this whole time, I just never finished a lot of games  :3



I found this thing very, very interesting and I would really like to have this about my profession: music. Someone else below have already asked for this: can you please share the structure and source text, or the whole project? I would like to rewrite the whole text into "music production idea generator" and don't really care what way would suit you the most. Had this idea in my head for a pretty good while. Please?

All right, I did some project bookkeeping recently so I actually know where the project is now... I've uploaded the source code as well now :3

The actual implementation is pretty simple:

//at the start
<make 3 lists named list_phrasing, list_genre, list_quirk>
<add idea pieces to them>
//when you press a button
ds_list_shuffle(list_quirk) my_string = list_phrasing[|0]+list_genre[|0]+list_quirk[|0]+"?"

Is it customizable? can i add terms to it? I'm gonna try it and see if it has a text file for custom terms

It uses a hardcoded array of text (or rather 3, for different parts of the text) ...so it's not that customizable, I guess. I could always upload the source code for maximal customizability, but that'd just be of use if you have GMS. (Or maybe I could consider adding text file support or something... once I find the source code again :P)

If you're still around (and have a copy of GameMaker Studio) the source code is available now~

looks useful. let me have a try.

Sure, why not? It's name-your-own-price and not region-locked, so there shouldn't really be anything stopping you from trying it out.


Tried. A strangely useful stuff... o_o

Cool stuff! :)

Thanks ^____^

I hope it'll be useful :3