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Hey! Decided to purchase this and it's pretty neat. Made some adjustments and it turned out pretty much perfectly.

However, GM almost explodes when closing the project and I keep getting the error "Trying to set texture that is also bound as depth buffer - bailing...". Any way to fix this?

I tried it out in the latest version and I can't reproduce it, no errors neither when closing the game window, nor when loading a different project or closing GM. Did it happen before you made those modifications?

Did some research on that error message and it seems to happen if you attempt to make a loop between two surfaces, like drawing a surface while it's set as the render target (and a common way to trigger it is having old surface IDs that aren't cleaned up, so that they later refer to new surfaces due to ID reuse). I think a good starting point for debugging what's happening is adding


to the Post-Draw event of obj_viewcontrol. If you see multiples of the same surface index here (other than -1 which means "not in use") it means something goes wrong.

If the problem only happens when you terminate the game, I think you could hack your way around it using draw_enable_drawevent(false) triggered in the event that closes the game, but before you do the actual closing procedure - if you aren't going to draw anything anyway, you can turn off all the draw events before you start freeing up surfaces and weird things happen with the IDs.