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Voronoi Splitscreen is a type of dynamic split-screen that adapts the split depending on where players are, leading to regions that merge together when players are close, and split when they move apart, with the split always being performed in the direction between the players, no matter how they move around in the level.

This asset is a from-the-ground-up implementation in GameMaker:Studio 2.2 using a simple shader to merge views together, with most of the work being done GML-side (finding the anchor points for the separate views). Easy to use, and implemented in a compartmentalized way that should make it easy to merge with an existing project.

Each player's view is rendered to a separate surface using view_surface (as if the game used ordinary views) and then they are merged together onto the application surface using a voronoi tesselation shader.

Supports 1-4 players, could theoretically be extended for up to 8. (The primary bottleneck is the GLSL fragment sampler unit limit - you can't pass more than 8 textures into a shader)


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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