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Underwater Crime

Yokai Mountain Megacity is under attack by the criminal "Frog Syndicate", and it's up to the strongest undercover fairy police officer (and maybe one of her sidekicks in couch co-op) to stop it!

Punch, kick and parry your way through an onslaught of pizza-throwing knights, pop culture references, frogs and breakable crates in this smash hit that'll make your fingers bleed!

There's a Bunch of Content

Battle your way through 10 stages of frogs, fairies and ghost cosplayers in this frantic arcade action game! Utilize special moves like the air dash, the double jump ground pound, and the unique special weapons to take on all manner of aquatic abherrations in this pulse-pounding pond puncher!

The latest 1980s level design returns, with an innovative new concept called "walk to the right until more enemies spawn in"! All levels even have a boss encounter, and only one of them is a sprite swap of a regular enemy!

Meet The Fairies

Everyone plays differently, so you can carve out your own playstyle, or just be forced to play through the game three times for the full experience!


Cirno uses the Perfect Freeze Shield which has the longest parry window and greatest defense, perfect for dealing with projectiles! With balanced stats, she can take on anything!


Daiyousei lives up to her name and is slow and heavy, but this translates to tons of HP and very powerful attacks! Plow through enemies using the dash tackle! Just keep an eye on your stamina.

Sunny Milk

Sunny thinks fast and moves fast, but has very low HP. Make sure to use your shield or run circles around your enemies using superior mobility! Or just blow them up with TNT before they get into attack range.

Forget Your Quality Of Life

This was originally a jam game that got out of hand so it's a bit rough around the edges. Balance overall is kinda broken, enemy attack tells are a single static frame so you can't intuit the timing on parries without trial and error, and there's no controller remapping or even controller choice (if you have a gamepad plugged in the game will assume you're gonna use it for playing the game).

Fanwork Disclaimer

Touhou Project original concept, characters, and other elements are the property of ZUN and Team Shanghai Alice. This game is a fanmade work and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the original creators. Please support the official series.

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Tags16-bit, Beat 'em up, Female Protagonist, Local multiplayer, Side Scroller, Touhou


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Ahoy if it isnt our favorite developer ^_^. Huge beat em' up fan so this was exciting to see. Only complaint I had personally was there was no recovery time after falling down. So the enemies were able to continuously hit me until I died. Aside from that I love the base nature of this so much that I want to throw all of my money at this to get the engine/nuild/source code or what ever you did to accomplish this.

- Smirnovff50

You can dash out of the grounded state (if you have stamina), and the dash has iframes for the entire duration. So this lets you escape.

Hmm, it's all custom so it might be possible to turn this into an asset pack... will need to clean it up quite a lot first though...


This looks like more fun than the Battletoads game released on XBOX in 2020.

Mission accomplished, then! ^__^


good retro

Hi Yal, I just beat this game.

I actually had a good deal of fun with it but mostly because I chose Sunny. I felt as if the “beat ’em up” part of this beat ‘em up was super risky, and it was a lot more safer if I just managed my bombs for hard knockdowns and or used my double jump attack. This was because normal attacks didn’t combo (or string) together reliably, with some enemies being able to hit you during your attacks without much warning.

Enemies also didn’t have much of a tell which makes them even more dangerous. Especially ranged enemies or ones with the instant kick.

In a future game I would like to see grabs added for added safety (especially with invincibility frames), more options for air juggles maybe, and dashes/powers having both a cooldown and maybe a desperation attack option to cost some HP. That way you’re not completely helpless when you’re out of power.



Thanks for the feedback! I don't play fighting games a lot so I don't really know what mechanics are expected/desirable, and everything is on a very rudimentary level as a result. Air juggles and throws sounds like fun additions, right now the jumping mechanics are very undercooked so doing stuff like throwing enemies straight up (to follow up with aerial attacks) or having special intercepts for jump kick enemies would plug that hole.

One mechanic that probably isn't communicated super well is that enemies will get superarmor after a bunch of hits (to prevent you from stunlocking them indefinitely), when an enemy randomly ignores hitstun this triggered. (There's a sound cue when it happens but maybe it isn't clear enough...). The amount varies between enemies, some lesser ones like frog thugs and wheelghosts never get superarmor, while the tankiest ones can get 2 hits' worth of superarmor every time you hitstun them.

(Sunny specifically has half the regular HP and less damage/hitstun on her melee attacks than the others, you're meant to play her as a "squishy wizard" kind of character - if you play Daiyousei or Cirno you'll have a completely different experience)

We'll see about potential sequels, I kinda feel like I hit the cap for what the mechanics could do pretty early on in this project (which is why it's so undercooked overall) but seeing what people think about it might give me some new ideas.