Ver 1.2.0: The DLC levels are released!

It's finally here! It's been an intense and painful month of near-constant crunch to get this update done, but I finally feel like I can look at this game and say "It's done now." (Until somebody finds a game-breaking bug I missed and I need to go back and fix it, at least.)

Version 1.2.0 is a massive content update that almost doubles the amount of stuff in the game and covers up most of the plot holes that were caused due to jam rushing and me not researching Touhou lore properly. Along the way, plenty of bugs and balance issues were fixed.

Content updates:

  • Added a new True Ending path! Going for the True Ending also involves fighting a new final boss...
  • Added 13 new stages, bringing the total number up to 29!
    • The new stages are unlocked alongside the regular ones, so you get more choice instead of just a linear string of levels now!
    • All stages have new music as well! (This is why the filesize got so much larger all of a sudden)
    • These new stages are automatically ignored in Speedrun Mode, since they're optional.
  • Follow three new story arcs: Cirno's Perfect Class Action Lawsuit, Prison Break, and A Tale Of Two Kokoros!
  • Meet some more PC-98 era characters that were suspiciously left out from the main story, chill out more with your friends and have silly office hijinks between all the corporate-mandated mass murder!
  • Added 8 new enemy types!
  • Added 10 new weapons!
  • Tons of new cutscenes and spam mail!

Bugfixes / balance changes:

  • Frag Grenade now isn't unlocked for purchase by default; its slot was replaced with the Tranquilizer Dart Gun (which allows you to do a full nonlethal playthrough.)
  • Newly unlocked stages now are labelled 'NEW' in the stage select menu so you can instantly tell what you unlocked.
  • Unread cybermail are now always on the top of the list.
  • Added new water background effects to Who Do You Ship and every pool in the game. (The former is disabled if background animations are turned off)
  • Added a new "unblockable" property to bullets so you can't trivialize some boss attacks (Cybersenator's stripe laser and Eiki's Hecatia Planet attacks).
  • Changed collision mask of a bunch of projectiles. In particular, fire-explosion sprite now doesn't incorrectly use a rectangular collision mask.
  • EMP Grenades now have a massively expanded hitbox, so they're actually worth using.
  • Tripled damage of Frag Grenade since they're so hard to hit with. (Up to ~40 full potential damage). For reference, the Picozi S3 Portable deals 1.0 damage per shot.
  • RPG and plastic explosive explosions now hurt you as well. This is for balance reasons, since they can instantly kill any enemy in the game. Using the plastic explosive at point-blank range to trigger it reliably was way too powerful and basically made the EARN RPG redundant due to ammo capacity.
  • Plastic explosive hitbox (the bomb, not the explosion) greatly increased, so enemies can actually collide with it reliably.
  • Updates to collision checking code to allow for non-rectangular floors. This mostly applies to new stages but Who Do You Ship let you walk outside the ship's bow since it incorrectly used a rectangular mask... this has now been fixed.
  • Enemies that burn to death now do so at a percentage-based rate instead of a set amount of HP per second. This makes tanky enemies die a lot quicker and lets fairies spread the fire instead of dying instantly.
  • Tweaks to gun noise factors across the board, now the Trumpet shotgun is one of the loudest weapons and EMP and most plasma weapons are halfway between regular and silenced.

Have fun and please let me know if I completely broke something by accident!


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Sep 28, 2022

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