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A Game Maker Studio source file containing the core engine for a racing game, in two different versions (2D and 3D).

  • Path-based racing: can be used for top-down, mode-7 or even fully 3D racetracks with no changes to car physics!
  • Cars still able to use normal GM collision system, letting you create new items and obstacles to interact with very easily!
  • Doodle a path and it'll become a racetrack, very simple to make new content! (You need two paths in 3D mode; one for XY coordinates and one for Z coordinates)
  • Very simple 2D top-down version, and a separate 3D version for advanced users!
  • Separates AI from physics, letting you make some racers smarter than others.
  • Custom racetrack drawing code using textured primitives!
  • Generates a 3D model of the racetrack automatically, including customizable foundation connecting it to the ground!
  • Swap out texture atlases to change the level's theme with minimal effort!
  • Only draws the part of the racetrack that's visible on-screen, speeding up processing.
  • Customizable number of laps per race.
  • Customizable number of AI racers.
  • Cars interact with each other, bump your rivals around!
  • Notes down the order cars finished in a global array, letting you change rooms for the results screen.
  • Once all players has finished, computer players automatically finish in their current ranking positions; you'll always have the full results!

NEW feature as of 2016-05-17: Added a new version of the 3D source code that creates hovercraft models from paths. If you don't like or aren't good at 3D modelling, you can still make wonders for the racetrack! The new scripts are also relatively easy to wedge into an existing project made from the original 3D source file.

Made withGameMaker: Studio
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Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Source Code (2D) 163 kB
Source code (3D) 443 kB
Source code (3D + Car models) 446 kB

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Demo (2D) 2 MB
Demo (3D + Car Models) 2 MB
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