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Santamaku: Dark Rudolph Days

Santamaku is a danmaku game starring Santa Claus. (Hence the name.)
Shoot and dodge your way through three intense levels and three intense boss fights on your quest to save Christmas from zombies!

Originally created for a secret-santa event a bunch of years ago, Santamaku has been around for quite some time but never seen a public release until now. Only one person (outside of me and my test players) has ever played it! It's basically a Christmas-themed Polybius! Do you have what it takes to get past the game that nobody has ever beaten? Or will you get mind-controlled by the game and join the zombies? Only one way to find out!

This is a slightly updated version with a new OGG soundtrack and some balance tweaks to the scoring system and the final boss difficulty.


  • No traditional Christmas carols in the entire soundtrack
  • The most unreadable font I've ever drawn
  • A screen full of flashing bullets that will damage your eyes permanently and might trigger seizures
  • Really short
  • Forces you to play with mouse and keyboard
  • Weird and wonky hitboxes
  • No continue system, you gotta start the entire game over if you die
  • One bullet type
  • No power-ups
  • No unlockables
  • Hours of fun!

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
TagsArcade, Bullet Hell, Christmas


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Well, the unbeaten streak of this game remains intact after my attempt (I could have given it more attempts but I was fearful for my brain)! I had a lot of fun though!


Even if you didn't manage to beat it, you did a pretty good job for someone that's new to bullet hell games! Also, you're the first person I've seen that managed to pronounce my name correctly, so props for that as well :P