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ROMMS is a simple system for achieving two things:

  • Dividing a larger level up into smaller segments using "room objects", with the camera forced inside the active segment until the player enters another one.
  • Using GameMaker's new layer system to allow levels with multiple layers and smoothly fading between them (used to e.g. have buildings in the background which can be entered, and which have separate scrolling regions)

As a bonus you also get a shader that crossfades between layers and some basic tile collisions which support jump-through platforms and slopes.

The engine is intended for metroidvania projects, but the core ROMMS system is genre-agnostic and would work just as well with a top-down action game in the style of classic Zelda.

This is just a basic experiment so it's free, but don't expect a lot of features.

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You're a wizard, Yal! :)
Fantastic work!  Love to see what fantastic projects come out of these public (free) releases!


It was quite the experience back when GM 2023.8 dropped (with the big 'assets are a reference type instead of a regular number now' language overhaul) and I had to play through all my engines to make sure nothing had been broken, I'd forgotten I made a lot of this stuff. Like, why didn't I actually do something cool with these things myself at some point...? There's not enough hours in a day...


I swear you're some kind of wizard, Yal. This is just what I needed.