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Back Again!

Take the battle to the highway in your trusty bubble tanks! Dodge flashy bullet patterns as you struggle to take down giant enemy mechs, giant enemy tanks, and wave after wave of enemy helicopters and robots!

Just Like The Good Ol' Days!

Road Warriors 2 is a vertical, arcade-style shmup inspired by titles like Giga Wing and Ikaruga, with tight, fast-paced gameplay with a focus on getting the highest possible score through a limited number of stages. Your multiplier increases the longer you go without getting hit, the higher up you are on the screen, the more rings you collect from destroyed enemies, and the more bosses you defeat, allowing for infinite replayability as you challenge your friends to the highest score!

Tons Of Features!

  • 4 difficulty settings allowing a fun challenge no matter your experience with bullet hell shooters!
  • 4 stages with memorable, multi-phase boss battles!
  • Switch between multicolored bullets that are easier to distinguish or flashy synchronized bullets!
  • Has modern shooter mechanics like focus mode, bombs and enemy bullet cancelling!
  • The Friend Bomb system gives a tactical dimension: are you prepared to lose firepower in exchange for clearing the screen of bullets?
  • Amazing metal soundtrack written by Pip Malt!
  • No need to plop quarters into an arcade machine anymore!
  • I've run out of cool things to put on this list!

A Great Legacy

Road Warriors 2 has been in development since 2012, most of which has been unintentional hiatus after source files were corrupted. The files finally restored using modern technology, Road Warriors 2 has been finished, virtually unchanged from its original artistic vision!

As a sequel to the first game I ever made, and as the first game I made in GM8.1, the first "proper" version of Game Maker, Road Warriors 2 is a project that means a lot to me personally. Finally being able to complete it feels like finally putting the bookends to my period as a noob developer.

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Tags16-bit, Boss battle, Bullet Hell, chiptune, danmaku, Female Protagonist, Mechs, Shoot 'Em Up, upgrades


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Nice game


Nice work on this. Reminded me of Spy Hunter!