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You are the rightful, usurped heir to the throne of the pirates! Fight your way back up by collecting all pieces of the Jolly Roger, then take on the undead pirate king Barbarossa himself! Aside from your trusty cutlass, wield a variety of weapons and spells such as shuriken and screen-sized lightning bolts to make the struggle easier! The nearby port town shanties wouldn't mind turning over your excess dubloons, whether you got them legit or not.


Ye Legende Of Ye Pirate Princess is a soft roguelike, meaning that it's brutally hard fun and challenging but no progress is lost if you die. Crawl in randomized ships and pirate hideouts, grabbing treasure and fighting bosses along the way. As you level up, you get stat points that can be freely distributed, letting you play defensively by boosting your HP and defense, offensively by boosting your attack power, as a versatile mage by boosting your MP cap and regeneration rate, or anywhere in between. The shop has over a dozen upgrades, weapons and spells to get as well!

  • Top-down dungeon crawling!
  • Explore a variety of dungeon layouts!
  • Highly customizable RPG progression!


  • Oldschool 8-bit graphics following actual NES limitations! ...for the most part, at least.
  • Infinite possibilities in every dungeon!
  • Obtain maps, boss and treasure compasses, keys, money and experience points as you crawl through each dungeon!
  • Preview information on the world map gives you a clue to what you're up for in each available dungeon! Know thy enemy and all that jazz!
  • Chicken out at any time when you realize you didn't read the job description properly!
  • A natural sense of progression introduces new enemies and obstacles as you work your way up the food chain to keep you on the edge of your seat!
  • Can you take on the undead king Barbarossa?

One of my old Jam games. This version is improved in several ways to iron out the flaws of the old 72-hour creation, adding in things like a proper minimap, being able to buy keys and permanent stat upgrades in the shop so that you never run out of stuff to buy, and difficulty tweaks.


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when you can chain cast those speels and the enemy cant do anything about it.

one thing I kind of dislike:
If you use the op obliteration spell, it kills everything but sadly leaves no loot or chests :-(


Yes, it's intentional (the spell lets you get through dungeons but you don't get any loot, so you're not gonna get stronger if you use it too much)

(Kinda inspired by Mask Le Smith in Killer 7)


Well I have all the stuff bought from the shop, so I dont really need money anyways :-)

one funny combo seems to be poison and lightning.

first poison enemies and then smash the lightning spell.

bosses sure become easy too:
poison then. and then jsut run away till they drop dead :-)


I love this game. I wish it was longer but i get so powerful then i eat up the enemies like candy.