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(GMC Jam 37 Entry) (Made in 96 hours)

Document BOW-7706██-04███:

Psychic Killer Shark Incident



On June ██th, 1977, starting at lunchtime, the famous resort ██████████ was attacked by a great shark that complimented its ability to kill with its fangs with a grand arsenal of firearms modified to be usable by a shark. The death toll was over ████ confirmed victims before the shark finally was put down by a brave ████████, with unconfirmed disappearances in the thousands according to some estimates. The Bureau has not been able to verify any of the sources.


The killer shark also exhibited psychic powers and situational awareness far greater than that of any known shark, potentially even rivalling project ███████ in combat utility. With natural mutations deemed highly unlikely as an explanation (probability █████, with estimated relative error 0.5%) it was theorized the shark was a ██████ military project. Since no further attacks by similar animals occurred, and the naval base near ██████████ was evacuated and subsequently abandoned three days prior, it is possible that the shark was an escaped prototype, and the project cancelled due to the animal posing equal threat to its creators as its intended victims.

Agents dispatched to the base ruins during operation ██████ were unable to recover any of the research or discern its purpose due to a combination of harsh weather and radiation levels, and at the time, it was concluded to have been part of the ██████ nuclear program. The Bureau urges agents to treat both these theories as equally valid and possible until further evidence is obtained.

Collected Evidence

Abnormally high chemical traces of ████████, industrial-grade ██████████ and the common narcotic ████████ were found in the sea where the event occurred. While it is possible some of it were released through the blood of the shark's victims, the presence of industrial-grade chemicals outlawed in the U.S. suggest a connection to the shark, and supports the hypothesis that it was created by a foreign force. Despite the elite diver squad searching the area around the shark's last known location for █ days, its body could never be recovered.

Societal Impact

The event had a large cultural impact, and while the ███████████ resort was forced to close following the aftermath, shark tourism has become a major source of income for the ██████ population. 13 feature movies were shot by label producers during 1977-1980, though Bureau agents enforced cancellation of █ projects due to too high factual accuracy. (Annotated scripts with breaches of code ███ highlighted are available in appendix █)


DECLASSIFIED: 2020-06-01 [12:00 UTC]



Sr. Documentation Officer, Bio-organic Weapons Division

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TagsAnimals, Arcade, gmc-jam, Gore, Surreal, Top down shooter


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is what i kinda want to say about this game

also a screenshot:


mad xD

No idea how to access the store, but not necessary.

Performance went way down - I liked the slomo. Solution might be to not draw things that are entirely off-screen

The store is very much necessary, and you can access it just by diving into it (hold Z to go underwater). Didn't really have enough time to make a proper tutorial, only the button prompts on the titlescreen, so I'm kiiiiiiinda expecting everyone to read and memorize it :P

Things drawing offscreen is handled automatically, the big resource hog probably is the movement processing (since the game is on a looping arena, I need to loop through everything to see if it needs to loop around - in fact, the shark always stays still in the center of the room and I move everything else around). Not shooting any of the boat riders will tank performance a lot since they tend to shoot a lot (and overall shooting keeps the enemies culled much better than your dash will since you can hit stuff at a much greater range).

Again, it's just a simple jam game, and performance + tutorialization wasn't really a top priority... but thanks for the feedback in either case~ I'll see if I can tweak something in a post-jam version.

Me once I start using the store: https://i.imgur.com/QDaTduA.png

Regarding performance again: weirdly, my gtx970 runs at 10% utilization and my quadcore 3.3/3.7ghz i5-6600 runs at 20-30% utilization (all four cores pretty much the same).

The lag adds to the trippiness. It's a feature!

Interesting results... my gut instinct would be that the bottleneck is RAM, then... it's usually easier to congest your RAM than your CPU these days. Most of the overhead is the sheer number of instances, not the heavy computations they do (some basic trigonometry and movement) so that checks out as a RAM issue in theory as well. CPU-->GPU transfer might be an issue since I don't really buffer anything particularly optimizedly, but the drawing code is pretty basic so I'm more inclined to think it's RAM transfer speeds.