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A simple Tactics-RPG engine made in GameMaker:Studio ages ago for a game jam; it ended up never being used and has collected dust since. But I still feel it might be useful to someone out there, so therefore I release it in a revised port with some cleanup and bug removal in place!

  • Zoomed-in battle screens like the GBA Fire Emblem games!
  • Easily separated code with comments, descriptive variable names, and descriptive function names!
  • Instance-based data management! You can handle anything such as status effects or buffs with standard variables!
  • Attacks use control objects; you can do just about anything with your attacks!
  • Very lightweight and easy to customize!
  • Comes bundled with Pixelated_Pope's free palette swap shader already integrated! Change anything from armor to hair color on the fly for unit variety!
  • Contains a large number of random names!

Welp, there's not really much else I can say. Try out the demo and see if you like it, I guess.


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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Source Code (GM:Studio) 66 kB

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Demo (2 MB)

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