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Pretty good game...

Impossible not to beat.

Zero difficulty :(

Lots of farming available :P

Too bad the ploayer sprite wasn't fully animated.

No weapon sprite for the player :/

But, still much better than many of the other games on Itch and gamejolt!

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I downloaded it today and immediately passed, in one breath, which is actually rarely the case with me today. That already says a lot, usually what I download here, I delete from hard in first five minutes. Nice game, what can I say. Last Boss just a imba, it is physically impossible to dodge from everything that he throws. But with a lot of heals, it's ok)


Glad you liked it! ^__^

And yeah, the final boss is a bit cheap - it's a recycled boss from one of my bullet hell games, I didn't have enough time to make a new final boss from scratch at the end of the game jam so I took the eco-friendly option.

Bullet hell. I thought so:)


Good short metroidvania :D

I still wonder where's the last missile guardian is.... or maybe the last boss was... oh well

Yeah, it's the final boss. Mostly was because of time constraints (since this was made for a game jam originally) but I kinda liked the idea of having that double bait-and-switch with the boss room being empty BOTH times you go through it expecting a boss fight :P


I got this game back around when it was first released. I must say I love it.

I still every once in a while will randomly play it.

Love the feel and artwork it has and the construction of the game and the shop, really nice and well done!

Been playing this game randomly since it original release i think on the old gmc forums

Excellent work Yal.

Glad you like it! ^__^ It's the smallest and shortest of all my metroidvanias, but that also made it the easiest to get polished and consistent. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out myself, I have a tendency to make projects that just keep bloating as I add more and more random neat ideas... until they get impossible to work on because the codebase is so messy... and then never get finished :P I should probably learn from what made GP0 good and try to do more stuff in the same lighter style instead of trying to make 60-hour games...


Hi, my friend and I played this and we absolutely love it!! The graphics are great and really did it in for me (also sorry i am so bad at your game).

Pretty great stuff, made me laugh a few times (especially at "this time it's a guy that's a furry!"). Also got a bunch of feedback on stuff that could be better telegraphed, I guess my playtesters are too good to find some of the confusing/hard bits... x3

Some hints that could be useful if you're gonna keep working on the series and didn't already record all the footage you're gonna use:

  • Enemies stop moving right before they shoot, that's your cue to get out of the way.
  • There's an easier area if you head left  from the entrance of the cave (aka above the first shop, go to the left instead of to the right), there's an easier boss and a bunch of upgrades there.
  • The ammo of the guns with limited ammo is refilled each time you save, but it won't refill automatically over time.
  • You do get to use the motorcycle later.

oh, thanks! this helps a lot, i wasn't buying guns because i thought the gun would be done with once the ammunition was out. we didnt record anything after the first video because of finals, surgery, and stress, but im definitely forcing fel to play again because i very much want to ride that motorcycle !!!!

That sounds awesome! I'll be looking forward to it :3


I am doing an LP of this on my YouTube channel. I have linked back to this game's page.

You should totally link to the LP too so it's easier to find it :3


This is the playlist. Only one video so far, but I upload every Sunday.

Lol, some awesome commentary there. xD My favorite was either "You can find them... and they're there!" or maybe "It's like Steam for hipsters."

You should explore more, too, you're walking past a lot of pathways without checking them out... try walking left above the shop, for instance :3 I guess I should've made it more clear you CAN walk left there, most games only have you move right... welp, too late to do anything now, I guess x3