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The cold war is underway! Unluckily, the enemy don't just sit around threatening you, they've armed four nuclear missiles in secret, planning to wipe out the big city in one fell swoop! Marching into the enemy territory to stop this would lead to a full-scale world war, so instead a single soldier is dispatched to sneak behind enemy lines and fight her way to each missile and disarm it.


Bring on a wide variety of guns and bombs to crush all opposition! Intense platform action in a world with hundreds of rooms to explore! Completely freeform metroidvania action where discovery is the only way forward and you get to decide in what order to take on challenges completely on your own!

How to play:

  • The world is made from many rooms! You can find new areas not just by walking off the right edge of the screen, but also left, right and down! Keep an eye out for breakable walls and other secret exits!
  • Move around with the arrow keys.
  • Use Z to jump and X to shoot. Using a weapon or medicine will consume ammunition, keep an eye on your inventory information in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Use Ctrl/Shift to shift the currently equipped item left/right, or the number keys (1-8) to instantly select the corresponding item.
Published Mar 27, 2016
GenrePlatformer, Shooter
TagsExploration, Metroidvania
Average sessionA few hours


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I am doing an LP of this on my YouTube channel. I have linked back to this game's page.

You should totally link to the LP too so it's easier to find it :3


This is the playlist. Only one video so far, but I upload every Sunday.

Lol, some awesome commentary there. xD My favorite was either "You can find them... and they're there!" or maybe "It's like Steam for hipsters."

You should explore more, too, you're walking past a lot of pathways without checking them out... try walking left above the shop, for instance :3 I guess I should've made it more clear you CAN walk left there, most games only have you move right... welp, too late to do anything now, I guess x3