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My entry for the GMTK Jam 2021, made in less than 24 hours! Drag The Dungeon is a puzzle game where you're a cat with a grappling hook, who needs to drag rooms around and join them together to create paths and remove obstacles.

Grapple with fiendish puzzles, both literally and figuratively!

Try to collect all the stars, no matter how hard to find or big they are!

Master a new way of thinking about space!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Tagsblocks, Cats, Cute, Retro


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Is there any chance you want to share the project file?


could be a good game but in the way the collision detection is just.... too bad for my taste.
you have a block and a block underneath it and beneath that a wall.
you go to the bottom block, move left and up.
then with that block going down and right should slide it beneath that upper block again, right?
ince it totally fit in there before?

Or the same issue with corners in general.
soemtimes the corners perfectly touch of 2 blocks, yet you cant move them past each other.
but also cant walk from one to the other.

but you better not dare and STAND on the corner of a block and move said block then!
you might be considered to be part of the diagonally adjacent block when moving away.
yet are completely stuck, you cant move anymore.
and trying to move the blocks back into the position where they are placed diagonally?
well, now they dont eve touch.
cause upper left is one block, then there is you as an object and then the lower right block.
and you stuck in the void as some immovable object that now belongs to neither block and can only jsut restart the level :-)

yeah, some weird quirks there, just saying :-D


Aside from that, good game though.

one jsut shouldnt try to do weird stuff like trying to diagonally walk from one block to the other while grappling somewhere. :-)


I'm not sure about what happened but I think I became the sun :) the games idea is cool


Well done :) Finally find interesting in today's gaming :) Great job :)


This is a neat little puzzle game, please keep working on it and adding to it post Jam! :D