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Dracula is back from the dead again, and this time he brought a really tall tower!

Jump over rolling skulls, whip candles and throw axes through 6 levels of extremely brutal platforming as you climb both ladders and the highscore table!

Are you a good enough vampire hunter to save the world and rescue your lover? Or will you struggle to even make it past the first level?

Inspired by 1980s arcade game design sensibilities and early DOS ports, Dracula's Tower is a very difficult game that requires both reaction speed and planning - if you don't pay attention to literally the entire level at once, you will get hit by something.

There's no RNG at all - once you find the right strategy, it's always gonna work!

(For the fully authentic arcade experience, play in a dimly lit, overcrowded room and donate 25 cents every time you game over)

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Tags8-Bit, Arcade, Difficult, Female Protagonist, Retro, Vampire


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nice retro but so hard

It's legitimately the hardest game I've ever made, I had to add in some cheating in the player's favor to make it playable (e.g. it takes 5 consecutive frames before a collision with a hazard registers) and I still can't consistently beat the first level...

I loved the part where you didn't read the instructions and wasn't aware you could jump over obstacles and destroy candles for powerups :P

Thanks for finding the bug with mashing enter to inserting more coins, I gotta patch that out...

Looks really good. Great sound effects and music. Controls well. Much harder than Donkey Kong.(How do you quit when in game and not on the title screen?)


(Just press Alt+F4 to close the window. I figured Q was so close to the action buttons that the player could press it by mistake and destroy their progress so it's only available on the menu)