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A halloween-themed platformer with 8 worlds. Guided by the Magic Mask and with the aid of a petaphlora of powerups ranging from flamethrowers and ninja gear to giant shoes and benevolent machine gun spirits, you set out to banish Count Dracula. Collect money to buy stuff along the way, and scour the levels for hidden treasure rooms, hidden passages, shortcuts and traps.

Features gameplay mechanics as seen in Mario games, Splatterhouse, Adventure Island III and Castlevania and actual SNES resolution.

(Note: press F4 in-game to toggle fullscreen mode)

An old game of mine made for the Scary4Digits competition 2013 using GM8.1, it's mostly forgotten. Time for a re-release, huh? :3

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsDifficult, Halloween, Horrible, Horror, lone-survivor, Puzzle-Platformer, Surreal, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Hey Yal, I wanted to play this game again but it seems windows doesn't like anything before GMS 1.X.
Is there any plans to putting this to into GMS? I really liked this game!!!

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Weird. What version are you on? (Also interested in stuff like 32/64bitness and your system RAM).

I've been able to run GM6 stuff on my Windows 10 machine just fine... some of it, at least (I think the executables that work were passed through the GM6-to-vista converter). Dracula 13 was made in GM8.1, so it should be compatible natively. (Knowing windows, that doesn't mean it is...)


Pretty crazy, and fun!


Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it ^__^

Made a video of your game.


That's a really cool LP, thanks for sharing! ^__^