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In year 199X, evil organization 'ILLUMINATI' belonged all of giant enemy lava creation factory. The lava are make people into zombies!

Special operator soldier crew 'DEATHGIVER' has been assigned lava cleanup duty. DEATHGIVER is you!!

Give death to all the zombies for save of the world! For great justice!

(imagine three more screens' worth of intentionally butchered english here)

DeathGiver is a top-down shooter game with 8 stages. Shoot things, avoid other things, pick up flashy things that make you better at shooting things!

  • Fast-paced action!
  • Who cares about walking around when you can teleport? Cross walls and lava pits in a jiffy, get out of danger, or telefrag your enemies with extreme prejudice!
  • Zombies!
  • Frogs!
  • Frog zombies!
  • Adaptive difficulty that keeps your progress to a minimum!
  • RPG elements! Upgrade your weapon or health during missions!
  • Non-intrusive heads-up display that conveys all the information you need to know!
  • Fast-paced arcade action!
  • Motivate yourself with an animated kill counter featuring digits and text!
  • Features a soundtrack with classical metal tunes like "Mega Destruction" by Zilly Mike!
  • High-fidelity pixel art in true 8bit color!
  • Is the arcade difficulty too high? You can replay any level you've reached from the chapter select screen! Go bash your head against that brick wall until it shatters! (The brick wall, not the head)
  • Immersive sound effects that roughly corresponds to executed actions!
  • Fast-paced arcade action gameplay!

Feel like making an extremely similar game but not feeling like spending ages programming it? You can buy the source code, all resources included!*

*except the font, which for legal and technical reasons cannot be bundled with the source file.


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DeathGiver.exe 3 MB
Source Code + resources (GameMaker:Studio) 2 MB if you pay $9.99 USD or more


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Great game so far but also challenging so i have not defeated it yet.