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My entry for the GMC JAM 1, made in less than 72 hours, following the theme "everybody is dead". An atmospheric horror exploration game that explores how alive you can make a world built from cubes and cylinders.

You're an urban explorer, always looking for new derelict things to explore. But this time, you're in for something different as you stumble over a mystery...

Puzzling together the story about a secret facility as you go along, you need to figure out why everybody is dead. Explore lava temples, an artificial waterfall, a rusted seabase where machinery echoes between the narrow walls, a strange manmade cave, and a hedgemaze hiding a dark secret.

  • Horror without jumpscares!
  • Places to explore!
  • Follow 4 different narratives as you try to puzzle together what happened and why everybody is dead!
  • 30 hidden notes to collect!
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
TagsExploration, First-Person, Mystery, Puzzle-Platformer, Walking simulator


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Made a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkabUjz18OI

Cool, actually found it in my Youtube feed before seeing the comment. GG on going back to the start area, and there actually were a note behind those things outside the factory :P


Creepy and fascinating. Couldn't find them all though

I feel It is a good design but without an enemy of some kind to fear me there is not much else to do other walk and read.

I have to say I agree, to be honest. :P Making a completely story-based walking simulator was a fun experience, but it didn't feel like something that would last long, and I ran out of ideas and inspiration with over 12 hours to spare instead of keeping hackin' until 5 minutes before deadline like I usually do with game jams. But at least I got everything I planned into the game, which is probably a first. Not my best jam game, but definitely not my worst.

I don't think enemies would make this game better, it wouldn't fit with the jam theme... but I think the actual genre isn't really fun to play, and not really fun to make either since test playing the game adds a lot to development. Walking from collectible to collectible to make sure they're working properly wasn't much fun, and it's not fun to design levels when you can't really do much to change the concept up either.