The chiptune pack just got bigger and better! 41 new songs!

It's no secret that I like providing useful stuff cheaply, and I've always felt a bit embarrassed by how little value my chiptune packs provide considering how many talented musicians give away their stuff for free out there. And I've also recently noticed I have a whole lot of unused music that just sits around on my hard drive collecting digital dust. So I figured, why not do something about those problems at once?

Today I'm launching a mega-update to add new "expansion pack" updates to all my music packs! Unlike the previous "bonus packs" I've released, these ones are much bigger with at least 11 new songs per pack, and they're different for each music pack! They're a bit mixed in formats since I've changed file type preferences since I released the music packs, but it shouldn't be too much work just opening them in Audacity and then exporting them to your preferred format if there's a clash.

These files are a free content update, and if you already own the asset pack you'll just need to download the new "expansion pack" zip file to get all of the new music in one place! Happy gamedevving! (Or happy video editing, or whichever nefarious purposes you are using the music for). Please let me know if you use the music in something, always fun to see what people makes! ^__^

The new songs added in the 32-bit Chiptune Pack 2 are:

  • A Place To Drown
  • Arid Abbey
  • Base (G Minor)
  • Chaotic Highway (2 versions with different instrumentations)
  • Curse of the Sphinx
  • Doomsday Machine of Senzubaru (2 versions: with or without sound effects)
  • Dracula's Island v2
  • Fighting Love - Final Boss Remix
  • Final Columbus
  • Flighted To North (3 versions with different instrumentation)
  • Fungalvanic Fusewoods (5 versions: normal, 8bit, fully natural instruments instead of synths, inside tree, inside tree extra dark edition)
  • Lakeside Lupines - Extended version
  • Locker of the Drowned (2 versions: normal and 8bit)
  • Looming Flames v2
  • Made in a Cave v2
  • Massive Mariachi Desert
  • Mysteries of the Forest Ruins
  • Mysterious Moonbase (2 versions: base and moon's surface)
  • Ninja Dubstep 2
  • Noir Walker
  • Of all the Places Lost and Gone (2 versions with different instrumentation)
  • Planetarium
  • Planetarium Dark
  • Routine Battle - Brokx Alert 2
  • Scary House
  • See Sharp
  • Song of the Night (3 versions with different instrumentation)
  • Strange Squares

Preview of Locker of the Drowned:


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Aug 17, 2019

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