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First of all, I didn't make JAZZ. It was made 1994-2000 by Andreas Voss and Per Sigmond. However, the license file points out that "License is granted to copy and distribute JAZZ in its unmodified form for any purpose.", and when the creators' homepage went down permanently in 2006, I've taken it upon myself to keep this little nifty MIDI editor alive because it's very simple to use - I still use it to this date. I've disabled payments and donations for this page, because I don't want to distribute JAZZ for personal gain - I want to distribute it because I love this piece of software.

While you can only output MIDI files with JAZZ, it's a nice compliment to rendering/soundfonting software that uses MIDI as raw material like SynthFont, LMMS and GxSCC, and it's also a nice compliment to OpenMPT's capabilities to turn tracked formats (XM, IT, MOD and S3M) to MIDIs and back, letting you transform your chiptunes into orchestrated arrangements with ease or just giving you a more visual way to edit them.


  • Create notes with your mouse or plug in your MIDI interface instruments!
  • Support for GM, GS and XD instrument banks!
  • Visually see multiple tracks at once in the Piano Window!
  • Batch-edit notes or tweak their details one by one!
  • Supports creating SysEx events such as RPG Maker XP song loop points!
  • Has piano and guitar chord editors supporting several scales!
  • Preview your music by playing it directly in the editor!
  • Filter your selection to only operate on certain events, e.g. to take away unwanted track changes or volume fades!
  • Compatible with Windows 10 for some reason despite being ancient!
  • No installer needed, just unzip and run!
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JAZZ Midi Sequencer.zip 911 kB
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Install instructions

1: Unzip the contents of the ZIP file somewhere with normal read and write access.

2: Run jazz32.exe

3: Please refer to the included help file for instructions on how to actually use the program.