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She's back, and with style! Take up arms against an army of miscellanous animals and robots in order to save your kidnapped little sister... and a city of bats! Equip yourself with powerful weapons, cute ribbons, and stylish outfits in order to succeed in your quest. An epic metroidvania game spanning over 100 rooms to explore, each packed with unlockable items and enemies.


  • Shoot stuff!
  • Get money by jumping into blocks!
  • Shoot more stuff!
  • Talk to talking animals!
  • Upgrade your ammo capacity!
  • Shoot some stuff!
  • Cosplay as expies of famous characters!
  • Get poisoned!
  • Shoot some stuff while poisoned!
  • Buy stuff you like to make the game easier!
  • Don't buy stuff you don't like to save money!
  • Use antidotes to stop being poisoned while shopping!
  • Did I mention you can shoot stuff?
  • You can.
  • Lots of different stuff.

Originally made for [some obscure competition none of you probably haven't ever heard about] in 2014 with a 1-month time limit, so it is only about 4-6 hours of playtime long.

It was originally going to be a Mario-style game where you'd lose powerups whenever you took damage, but after realizing that made exploration grindy and pretty damn annoying, I re-purposed it into a Gun Princess sequel instead about the point where I made the Ruins area. You were originally going to befriend Kay to keep up with the tradition of GP protagonists having a bat sidekick, but that was cut due to time constraints, which is why you never actually meet him.

The game served as a prototype for many systems I later deployed in other games, such as using an assembly-like language for cutscenes so that cutscenes could be scripted on the fly in the level editor without needing any fancy tools, and using menu objects that get assigned scripts instead of IDs for a switch statement.

Do you feel like this game is awesome and you wish you could make something as good? I'm selling the source code of the latest version! Includes all scripts, graphics, sounds, rooms and objects! The only thing that isn't included is fonts, due to technical reasons and due to me not having the rights to sell them.

You can use anything included in the source game commercially; credit appreciated but not necessary - you just can't resell any derivative work in an editable form, but feel free to sell movies and games and such haywire.

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Shooter
TagsAnime, Character Customization, Exploration, Female Protagonist, Metroidvania, Open World, upgrades
Average sessionA few hours


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