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Can you save the world from Arengius?

The whole galactic federation is under attack by the gigantic organism known only as Arengius! Having created the Skeleton Robot army, it's bent on galaxy domination! With the federation army under attack on all fronts, only you have a chance to stop Arengius and save the galaxy! Pilot your space fighter through the enemy stronghold, stopping at nothing to annihilate these threats to all sentient life!

There's a whole bunch of features!

  • 13 stages with unique hazards and design!
  • Engage powerful bosses, escalating from sand worms and giant slimes until you fight Arengius itself!
  • Amass enough turrets, options and sidecannons to cover the whole screen in bullets! But take care - all of them are lost if your ship explodes!
  • 6 ships with different armament and playstyle!
  • Newly written chiptune soundtrack using NES limitations for an authentic retro experience!
  • Does the game feel too lenient and easy? Turn off your shield and turn on Scatter mode! Every damage is lethal and you start each level without powerups!
  • Does the game feel too hard? Easy mode doubles your shield gauge and slows down the level scrolling, introducing enemies at a much more manageable pace!

What's the difference between Lite and Full versions?

The free Lite version includes Normal mode and the versatile Alpha MK3 ship, and all the stages are playable. If you don't feel like paying for your 8-bit space shooters, you can still get a large chunk of the Arengius experience for free!

The Full version includes easier and harder difficulty settings, and 5 more ships with different weapons, each with their own advantages and weaknesses to provide a different gameplay experience. If you liked the Lite version, you'll love the Full version that offers 6 times more!


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